Lip Enhancement - Shape & Volumise

Instantly shape and volumise your lips with our lip enhancement options!

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancements have been used countless times over the years by both men and women to achieve extra volume and augment the shape of their lips. While permanent ways to enhance the size of your lips do exist, we believe that temporary enhancements yield the best results. This is because your face will change over time and as such your lips may not match the contour of your face 10 years from now due to natural aging!

Some of the most popular options among patients for lip enhancement are injectable fillers (otherwise known as dermal fillers). The longevity of your lip filler will be dependent on the chosen product and individual factors unique to the patient. The length of the procedure is typically 30 minutes and is able to be carried out with the use of numbing cream to avoid any potential discomfort during the procedure.

Benefits of Lip Enhancement

  • Enhance lip volume - We have multiple options for volume enhancement of which can be tailored to your needs.
  • A more defined lip line - Reduce the lines above and below the lips which become exaggerated when pursing or kissing.
  • Professionally administrated - All of our cosmetic treatments are performed by medical doctors and registered nurses who will require a free consultation beforehand.