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Bakerfield Services

At Bakerfield Medical & Urgent Care we know that life is fast-paced, and our extended opening hours are designed to provide the best possible level of care for all. If you work long or irregular hours, Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care are open from 8 am until 8 pm, seven days a week, so we’ve got your needs covered.

We’re only a phone call away, so for more information on services or to ask about something you don’t see on the website, call us on 09 263 7770. Other services we provide include:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Ear Syringing
  • Plaster Casting
  • Injuries & wound care
  • Drug & Alcohol testing
  • Cervical Screening
  • Minor Surgery
  • ECG
  • Pharmacy on Site
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Pre-employment medical examination

Vensa Patient Portal

Freedom to manage your health and wellness, anytime, anywhere

We are excited to announce that Vensa patient portal is now available for your convenience.

What is Vensa?

Vensa is an online system that allows you to access your medical conditions, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and share health information as required with other healthcare providers. It offers services such as booking online appointments, secure messaging, ordering repeat prescriptions and requesting email consultations. Vensa would help you improve health outcomes by sharing your health information with healthcare providers and important individuals in your life.

Vensa is available to you right now. The activation process is quick and easy.

Vensa user guides (Vensa Knowledge Base)

Vensa User Guides

For more information, please visit the website. Here

How To Register For Vensa.

You can come into the practice to register or email Vensa for support.

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Wellness Clinic

Te Tumu Waiora - te reo for ‘To head towards wellness’ is a new model of primary mental health and addictions care and support.

It aims to provide all New Zealanders experiencing mental distress or addictions challenges with access to convenient, high quality, integrated and person-centred care and support.

Wellness Support Programme: Free visits for stress, anxiety, depression & mental health. No diagnosis necessary. We can help with prescriptions, resources & counselling referrals to Fresh Minds. We are also here to support you through your COVID-19 self-isolation stress free.

Cardiovascular Health

Are you worried about your cardiovascular health? perhaps you have a family history of problems, and the issue is preying on your mind? Whatever your reason for raking an active interest in making sure your heart is in good condition, it’s never a bad idea to get a checkup, and at the very lease, it can provide some peace of mind.

At Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care, our doctors are up to date in modern management and recommendations for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and we’re happy to provide the best advice and cardiovascular care Auckland has to offer. Often, your cardiovascular health can be significantly improved by starting a regular exercise routine, but it’s always best to get a full checkup before you embark on any new activities – especially if you’ve been inactive for a lengthy period. Bakerfield is fully equipped to provide the broad range of services possible, and our staff are friendly, well informed, and eager to help you or your family with any concerns or issues you have. We have GPs and Registered Nurses with a particular interest in Cardiovascular disease. Bakerfield Medical and Urgent care is conveniently located, and we carry out many non-invasive cardiology techniques on site, such as:

  • ECG
  • Long-term blood pressure monitoring
  • Treatments for arrhythmias and anticoagulation
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Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the developed world, and it’s vital to get regular treatment if you’ve been diagnosed. Our staff are highly trained to treat diabetes and develop effective treatment plans to suit the individual. The clinic offers Prescriptions, Diabetes Education & Management, Insulin Initiation, Foot Check, Self-Management and Weight-Loss.

A great many people are at risk of developing diabetes, and the disease is manageable in most cases, so if you suspect you may have a problem, it’s essential to make timely efforts to get examined and get a medical plan in place to deal with the disease. You can visit your local South Auckland diabetes centre at Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care.

If you have diabetes, or if you suspect you might be displaying some of the symptoms of the disease, time is of the essence and the earlier you start to get treatment, the easier it will be to deal with your condition. The first step is to get in touch with your local South Auckland doctor on 09 263 7770 so that we can book you in for an examination and get you the best treatment. Our staff are friendly and helpful, registration is easy, and we’ll do all we can to make your experience a positive one.

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Free smear now available.

To be eligible for a Free Smear Test, you must:

  • Be enrolled and registered at Bakerfield Medical & Urgent Care
  • Must live in Counties DHB
  • Be overdue >3 years or previous abnormal result
  • Have never had a Cervical smear in NZ
  • AND be a NZ CITIZEN / Permanent Resident / or hold 2 year working visa.

Otherwise a $40 fee would apply to enable us to provide this service for all women.

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Orthopedic Clinic

Our Orthopaedic Clinic is run by Associate Professor Pitto and Mr Shihab Faraj.

They are both highly qualified and experienced in a wide range of orthopaedic issues, with special interests in a number of areas.

Professor Pitto specialises in joint replacement and reconstructive surgery (hip and knee), joint preserving surgery, osteotomies, ACC-related reconstructive surgery of upper and lower limb and total hip and knee replacement, trauma.

Mr Shihab Faraj specialises in tendon reconstruction and surgery, upper limb, knee, ganglion, fractures, dupuytren surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, nerve surgery, fusion hand joints, TFCC tears, general trauma.

Men's Health

At Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care, our doctors regularly help men from all walks of life, and of all ages who are facing various major health problems like prostate cancer, erection troubles, blood pressure, bowel cancer, and many types of cancer. Men’s Health checks are vital because they can aid the prevention and early detection of a range of common medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart and vascular disease, diabetes and cancers such as pancreatic cancer.

Bakerfield places particular emphasis on early detection and diagnosis of prostate problems, treatment of erectile dysfunction, and an open and progressive approach to mental health issues including depression. At Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care, our practitioners realise that many males have health issues which can strike at different life stages. Doctors are sensitive to the difficulty some guys have discussing their bodies and feelings, and are experienced and sensitive in their approach to male patients.

It’s essential to be aware of, and to be regularly screened for the diseases and issues that most affect men at different life stages. Your local Bakerfield GP is here to help you to do what you need to do to stay fit and well, without making the experience a challenging, embarrassing or dreaded event. Regular and routine checkups can minimise your risks and mean that ultimately, you’ll spend less time in the doctor’s surgery and more time doing what you want. So, give Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care a call today on 09 263 7770, get registered, get a checkup, and get back out and on with your life!

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Travel Advice

Whether we’re travelling for business or pleasure, travel carries certain risks from infectious diseases which although eradicated in New Zealand, still exist in various locations around the globe. Being aware of the possible pitfalls of overseas travel is essential, and at bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care, we can inform, advise, and get you up to date with a variety of vaccinations you may require before you visit or travel through a specific geographical area.

Before an overseas business trip, or when you book a holiday abroad, Bakerfield doctor advice is to make an appointment and make sure you’re protected against infectious diseases. If you need a travel health check in Auckland, is well served by Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care. We’ll also give you a quick general health check, to make sure you’re healthy and can enjoy your trip to the full. Travelling in some parts of the world can expose you to diseases such as:

  • HePA
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis B
  • Ehileves & Goatsoerlis
  • Tetanus
  • Meningococcal Disease

The above list is not exhaustive, and it’s always better to make an appointment to discuss exactly which recommendations are in place for your destination.

Make sure to book your appointment as far in advance of your ! travel date as possible. Please don’t leave it until the last minute, because your treatment may require more than one visit and some vaccinations take eight weeks to complete. Book now.

It’s best not to leave it to chance and risk ruining a family holiday, important business travel or the trip of a lifetime. Contact Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care today, or call us on 09 263 7770 and let us talk you through what you need to know about infectious diseases overseas.

Well Child Clinic / Immunization

At Bakerfield Medical and urgent care, we pride ourselves in providing a full and comprehensive family service which promotes and protects the health of all of our patients. We understand that the gift of parenthood brings with it fears which can sometimes leave us worried and stressed. Social media and the internet is full of advice for new and expectant parents, and often it’s hard to know which way to turn, or to be sure which information is right.

At Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care, we make sure that your loved ones are protected from their earliest days in the world. We do have kids Specialist on sites and appointments can be arranged.

One of medicine’s most significant recent achievements has been through the protection of babies, children and adults from infectious disease, and it’s been proven to have saved millions of lives. Immunisation of the young and at risk has helped to eradicate many diseases in developed countries, and so we place great importance on the way we look after your young family. At our Well Child Clinic – immunisations and immunisation advice is just around the corner, so contact us today and register at Bakerfield Medical and Urgent Care.

We provide a whole range of vaccinations, free of cost to all eligible patients, so give us a call today on 09 263 7770 and let us make sure that those most precious to you are safe and sound.

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X-ray Department

Bakerfield X-ray is affiliated to Horizon Radiolgy. Bakerfield medical provides diagnostic x-ray imaging services. Digital images are double-checked by radiologists off site and can be viewed by doctors and specialists from other clinics with log-on capabilities. Your comfort, safety and privacy are important to us. If you do have a fracture, the plaster room is right next door and we have Orthopedic Specialist Clinics available.

Our opening hours are 8.30am - 8pm Monday to Friday, and we are conveniently located within Bakerfield Medical & Urgent Care Clinic.

No charge for ACC related x-ray's.

Please call us directly to book on 09 263 7770. Our extension is 2 if you wish to speak to us directly.

Rehabilitation Clinic

Dr Lalith Martyn runs a Rehabilitation Clinic Monday, Wednesday & Friday and can assist with the rehabilitation of ACC related injuries. The clinic includes follow up x-rays, plaster casting, and Fracture Clinic.

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Conveniently located adjacent to Bakerfield Medical & Urgent Care, our highly qualified and professional Pharmacists and staff are available to give you all the healthcare and medication advice you may need. Offering expert dispensing of prescriptions, we pride ourselves on our speed.

We are able to blister-pack your medication if required and stock a wide range of prescription medication and pharmaceutical items. Specialist Medication also available on request.