Flu vaccinations, Kuia and Kaumatua first (over 65 years)

We are keen to vaccinate as many of the 65 + year old age group as quickly as possible, so that this group can subsequently have the COVID -19 vaccine when it becomes available. There needs to be a 14-day gap between the flu and COVID-19 vaccinations. Once the COVID -19 vaccine is rolled out, that will take priority and at that time we suggest starting with COVID -19 vaccination then 2 weeks after completing the course to have the flu vaccination.

From mid-May, we should receive doses of the Afluria Quad flu vaccine. This is for our whanau and tamariki (ages 3- 64-year-olds) who have medical conditions which make them more vulnerable to flu. For example – those with cancer, heart disease, asthma, autoimmune conditions, etc.

Towards the end of May, we will invite in our younger tamariki (aged 6-35 months) for Afluria Junior flu vaccination for those high-risk youngsters.

By the end of May, the flu vaccine can be rolled out to those not eligible for funded vaccines.