Fee Increase for casual patient effective from 2nd of October 2023

Effective from 21st August 2023

Please be aware that we have a price increase for Drivers License for casual patient $100

If you require extended consultation or if you are a new patient to the practice, you will require double appointments, however, patients will need to call us for booking and additional charge of $35.00 will apply.

Effective from 14 August 2023

We now have a DNA (Did not attend) fee of $10 for anyone who does not attend a booked appointment. Please contact the clinic within 2 hours of your appointment if you are unable to attend it. This allows us to fit in other patients who need an appointment.

Fee Increase, effective from 1stof March 2023

Please be aware that we have increased our patient co-payment fees for some patient categories.

We have done our best to keep our 'enrolled patient' fee at a minimum. The most notable increases are in areas where government funding does not fully cover our costs, or does not apply, such is the case with casual patients and visitors.